Cattle Duster Dust Bag

  • SKU: 9250021
  • $32.45



A durable, easy-to-load dust bag featuring a unique flicker chamber that assures even spread of dust over the animal. Also has convenient 2-point attachment for easy hanging, a steel spreader bar to assure proper bag position and rope protected edges for long wear.

  • Rope protected edges allow for longer wear and extra strength
  • Steel spreader bar allows for two point attachment and assures that bag will not turn sideways in the lane
  • Two-point attachment - convenient and easy to hang
  • Weather proof loading vent - no flaps or covers
  • Flicker chamber - recharges with dust as dust bag drops off hindquarters of animal passing under it. Facilitates correct dosage and proper application
  • Choice of insecticide, either 3% Rabon or 1% Co-Ral. Refills may be used
  • Versatile - can be used for either free choice or forced use applications. For free choice conditions, one bag will handle 25-50 head